Unified Carrier Registration Agreement (UCR)

      This agreement was developed to govern the collection and distribution of registration information   and fees paid by motor carriers, motor private carriers, brokers, freight forwarders, and leasing companies. All interstate for-hire and private property carriers are subject to this registration. Registration is required annually and fees are based on the number of commercial vehicles (tractors) owned or operated (including leased vehicles).  Intrastate carriers which never cross state lines and never engage in interstate commerce are not subject to UCR.  We can obtain the UCR for you as part of our Silver Trucker Package.

UCR records, upon which the annual applications and renewals are based, are required to be preserved for three (3) years from the due date or filing date, whichever is later, plus any time period included as a result of state decisions or inquires.  The three (3) year period is the current calendar year and the prior two (2) calendar years.  We offer this service for the convenience of our clients.